Hospitality Consulting

Alen Becirovic grew up in Slovenia and has been living in Switzerland for several years.

After completing his training at the hotel management school in Slovenia, Alen was able to gain initial experience at the Wellness Hotel Larix in Kranjska Gora. This was followed by a 2-year internship in the USA.

Now Alen has lived in Switzerland for 8 years and has been able to expand his knowledge in the following renowned 5-star hotels:


To deepen his knowledge, Alen attended the St. Johnson Cornell School in New York last year.

To stay active, he trains Taekwondo & Jiu Jitsu and loves to play soccer on the side. These sports contributed to his personality development and help him stay disciplined and motivated.

* Since this is only a consultation, not a job placement, there is no guarantee of a new job.


Do you want general information on how to find a profession in Hospitality in Switzerland? Then this package is just right for you! In a simple phone conversation, we'll explain you where to find jobs and how a possible process might look like.


In addition to a one-hour consultation, we will also create your CV for you to become competitive. We will prepare you so that you can then independently look for a new job in the catering industry.


As a Platinum customer, you benefit from an all-around package. In addition to telephone support and the creation of a CV, we will help you to find job openings that suit you. Afterwards you can apply for your desired position.
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